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Do I need a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a structure which holds soil or another loose substance behind it. Various materials can be used to create a retaining wall, and their makeup is largely dependent on the purpose.

Multiple inquiries must be explored before determining if a retaing wall is needed, and if so, what materials it should be made of. How tall must the structure be? What is the soil composition? What is above the wall? Is there a slope?

To determine is a retaining wall is right for you, call Maine Commercial Contractors today and get a free consultation and quote.

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Geogrid Reinforced or Gravity Wall?

The purpose of the wall and the environment will determine whether you need a Geogrid Reinforced Retaining Wall, or a Gravity Retaining Wall.

Geogrid Reinforced

Geogrid reinforced retaining walls are used for reinforcement to the retaining wall itself. Also known as an SRW, or Segmental Retaining Wall, these structures act as a grid. They are placed between sections of blocks within the wall and rolled back into the slope of the land during the wall’s installation, fortifying the soil. When space is tight and this is not an option, other forms of fortification can be used, such as earth anchors, soil nails and specialized concrete. For those, a certified contractor is required. If your project is in need of such products, you can rest assured that Maine Commercial Contracting is ready.

Gravity Retaining Walls

Gravity retaining walls utilize their weight and natural anchoring to prevent erosion. These walls are usually much smaller in height and are often made of a variety of stones and bricks. Using contoured brickwork helps lock them into place and fortify the wall’s total strength.